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12 teeth walk bead glass bottle


This is a perfume bottle, is a fast selling product, small capacity, fast consumption.
The glass bottle is usually equipped with small capacity, such as 3ml, 5ml, 6ml, etc. This is a kind of beaded glass bottle, which can slide to consume perfume. The glass bottle can be printed according to customer requirements, including the logo.
The size of the supporting aluminum cap is 14*18mm, and the height can also be customized according to the demand.
This type of aluminum cap is made by cold extrusion. It is of better quality.
Various color options, such as bright gold, bright silver, sub-gold, sub-silver, bright black, etc., can also be customized other colors.


widely used in perfume filling, can also be used for filling essential oil, essence, etc.
Sliding application, fast consumption, uniform application.


Specification of glass bottle 3ml 5ml 6ml
Aluminum cover specification 14*18mm
color gold silver Jute sand Custom color

Packing Mode

1. Complete set of assembly, glass bottle + plastic head + dropper + aluminum cap.

2. Separate assembly, glass bottle FCL shipment, plastic head FCL shipment, dropper FCL shipment, aluminum cap FCL shipment.

3. It can be sold separately, depending on the quantity required by the customer.

4. Aluminum cover packaging can choose pouch packaging, can also choose typesetting packaging, general typesetting packaging quality will be better, if normal requirements, only need to pouch can be.


Aluminum cover because of oxidation coloring, so it is necessary to avoid strong light exposure, avoid shelling, decolorization;
Also avoid steam cooking, which can peel.
Packing and transportation.

Production Process

1. Aluminum cover is cold extruded to form blank, and then cut into shape.

2. After the blank is completed, it needs to be polished to make the aluminum cap more smooth and of good quality.And then I'm going to paint it.

3. After the coloring is completed, it can be assembled.
The interior of this aluminum cap is milky white, which is produced by our own company.

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