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13 Dental glass ball bottle


This is a perfume ball bottle, glass bottle capacity selection is more, the same caliber, matching 13 teeth, the color of the glass bottle as shown in the picture, transparent glass bottle, also brown glass bottle, perfume volume is generally small, because volatile fast, so this small volume perfume bottle consumption is faster.
This glass bottle can match three materials of bead support, plastic, glass, steel beads. Select according to the customer needs.
The aluminum cover specification of this glass bottle is 15 * 22, is 13 screw mouth, the color has bright black, bright red, etc., can be engraved according to the customer requirements.
Application field: this perfume walking bead bottle is mostly used for perfume, but also can also be used for essential oil, used more in Africa, Indonesia and other countries.


Glass bottle specification: Clear Glass Bottle 3ml/5ml Brown Glass Bottle 3ml/5ml  
Aluminum cover specification: 15*22    
Belet specifications: Plastic bead holder Glass bead holder Steel bead holder
Color: black Red Custom Color

Packaging Method

Complete assembly, glass bottle + bead to + aluminum cover.
Separassembly, glass bottle whole box shipment, bead support whole box shipment, aluminum cover whole box shipment. Can be sold separately depending on the customer quantity.
Aluminum cover packaging can choose bagging packaging, or also choose typesetting packaging, the general quality of typesetting packaging will be better, if normal requirements, only need to fill bags.


Whether the glass bottle or aluminum cover, to avoid high temperature, because the glass bottle will also burst at high temperature, and the aluminum cover is colored, if the long-term high temperature, will lead to light color, and the inner plug of the aluminum cover will also shell.

Production Process

15 * 22  aluminum cover production, generally need to pass material, stretching, cutting edge, to this blank to finish, and then according to customer needs, the aluminum cover has fireworks, electrolytic technology, the difference between them is less a polishing step, fireworks is the blank directly color, so no polishing so bright, and electrolytic after polishing, color, brighter color, smooth surface, no hemp point.

Transportation Mode

After packing, put into the container and delivery.

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