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13 Teeth Perfume Walking Bead Two-headed Glass Bottle


This is a cosmetic with a glass bottle at both ends. The design is very novel, like a golden cudgel. It is very popular with the public.
This is a bead type glass bottle, supporting the bead holder sliding use.
The capacity of the glass bottle is also optional. The diameter of the glass bottle is 13 teeth, and the capacity is generally 3ml, 5ml, etc., and LOGO and other words can be printed on the glass bottle.
The size of the aluminum cover is longer, generally 15*35, the two ends are empty, and the inner cover is inserted.
There are three kinds of beads generally available, glass beads, plastic beads, steel beads, depending on customer needs.


This one is mostly used for perfume filling, with unique shape at both ends.


Glass bottle specification: 3ml 5ml
Aluminum cover specification: 15*35mm
Belet specifications: Plastic bead holder Glass bead holder Steel bead holder
Aluminum cover color: Bright Gold  silver Custom Color

Packing Method

Complete assembly, glass bottle + bead to + aluminum cover.
Separseparately, glass bottles separately shipped whole box, bead support shipped separately, aluminum cover shipped separately. It can be sold separately.
Aluminum cover packaging can be selected from bagging packaging or typesetting packaging.
When shipped separately, it is usually packed with filling bags.


This glass bottle is more fragile, and it should be carefully handled. This aluminum cover is aluminum cover + plastic assembled, because of the characteristics of the plastic, to avoid high temperature, also can not be stacked for a long time, to be sealed and preserved, to avoid peeling.

Production Process

Blblank: cold squeeze + cutting
Polishing: polishing by black; if required required required requires electrorequired, this step can be omitted.
Color: Color the aluminum cover, such as bright gold, bright silver, and other colors, according to customer requirements.

Transportation mode

Generally packaged by carton and loaded into the container.

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